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The world is a prison in which this Place was my Heaven. LOL just kidding finally the truth is coming out. This is where some dreams die and others come true. Thanks to the freedom of information act, we managed to get footage from the very prison where I served time and learned about the true pleasure of prison booty! I learned all about the pleasure of real men sometimes it was rough other times were passionate. Secretly all of this was the best times in my life.

Trash Pick-Up Ass Fuck Field Trip

- Feb 28, 2020

Picking up trash is something that most inmates get to do once in awhile. However, we like to have some fun while we’re away from the prison. Since we’re doing them the favor of taking them out of their confinements to catch some sun rays. We expect them repay us. Midway through picking up trash I pulled an inmate aside and took him behind some bushes. Here is where we started to have some true fun. As some of the other guards kept watch, the inmate and I engaged in some good ol’ sex. Once I instructed the guard to take off his clothes, he was game from there. The inmate sucked my cock first then I penetrated his asshole in several different positions before busting all over him. Once we had our fun, it was time to gather all the inmates and file them right back inside the transport van.

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Contraband Cock Check

- Feb 14, 2020

Life in here isn’t always easy. We must constantly be on high alert. This particular week, we got word in that one of the inmates might have some contraband in his cell. We confronted said individual, however, he did nothing but deny our accusations. We had no choice but the proceed with our contraband check. After flipping his cell upside down, we finally discovered what he was hiding. He had a dildo hidden in his cell that he would use on other inmates. We decided to do things a little different this time. So he ended up using the contraband on one of our guards. One of our guards had his way with said inmate and after the lesson was thought, we proceeded as protocol needed. This inmate will think twice before sneaking something in again.

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Body Cavity Search

- Jan 31, 2020

I love when a new batch of inmates rolled in. Most times they follow the rules, but every so often there’s always a smart ass that thinks that they can smuggle something in. This time, a guy had a phone shoved in his ass. We decided to perform a full body cavity search to make sure that he didn’t have anything else in there. After a little bit of searching, the inmate started getting turned on right away. From there, I had to give him exactly what he wanted. i made sure everyone else left the room and he went down and started going ham on my cock. He took my dick in his ass in several different positions. After we had our fun, I sent him back with the batch of new inmates.

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That Bitch Is My Newbie

- Jan 17, 2020

Lots of times inmates believe that the only way for them to be protected is to do sexual favors for another inmate. But the only ones with enough power and proper training are us, the guards. Only we can properly protect them. This week, we came across some sexual activity in the storage facility. We broke it up and question the newest of the two inmates. We explained to him how things go around here, and that we’re the only ones to be trusted. From there, he decided to get on our good side. The inmate dropped to his knees and began going at it. Things escalated from there and fun was had by all. Now we have an inmate that trusts us and knows exactly who’s running things in here.

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Making The Guards Happy

- Jan 3, 2020

Things have gotten pretty busy in here. This week, we’ve had tons of action. From guards sucking cock out back to pulling someone out a line to choke on his dick. However, the biggest problem we’ve been having is inmates sneaking shit into the prison. I caught an inmate fucking his own ass with a dildo that he had somehow smuggled in. He wouldn’t say how he snuck it in so we had to show him that it wasn’t the right thing to do. He pulled my cock out and started sucking it. From there, he begged me to shove it in his asshole. Once he was properly fucked it was time to confiscate his contraband.

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Cock Sucking Field Trip

- Dec 20, 2019

My favorite thing to do out on a field trip, is getting one of the inmates to suck me off. On our last trash pick-up day, I pulled this white boy out to the side and had him suck my cock next to the transport van. He really knows how to suck dick. I busted right inside his mouth and then sent his right back to work.

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